Key Resin Company Joins Euclid Group


Euclid Group has announced today that the Ohio based resin flooring manufacturer Key Resin Company will become the latest member of its global construction chemicals business.

The acquisition, which was finalized on Thursday 20th July 2017, will see Key Resin Company become a central part of Euclid Group’s resin flooring arm in North America.

This move will enable Euclid Group and Key Resin Company to facilitate mutual growth by leveraging complementary product ranges, market presence and infrastructure in both North America and across international markets.

Euclid Group consists of multiple construction chemical brands of subsidiaries of RPM International Inc., including Euclid Chemical, Euclid Canada, Eucomex, Cave, Viapol, Toxement, Key Resin, Flowcrete, Elmico, and RPM Belgium Vandex. Formed in 2016, Euclid Group united several of the world’s construction chemicals leaders to create an advanced manufacturer of high quality building solutions with strategically located infrastructure and offices around the world.

Euclid Group’s President, Mark Greaves, said: “Our announcement today marks an exciting development in the resin flooring industry, as bringing on board Key Resin Company means that Euclid Group is better placed than ever before to provide the construction market with the best technology, the best expertise and the best support.

“This development will allow Euclid Group to take advantage of the interconnected technologies, geographies and specialties that exist between its businesses. Doing this means that clients will benefit from ever easier access to a wider range of products as well as taking advantage of a streamlined specification process and the combined knowledge of multiple leading construction chemical brands.”

Jeff Cain, the President of Key Resin Company, agrees: “These are exciting times for Key Resin. The inclusion of Key Resin into Euclid Group adds resources to Key Resin that will allow us to remain an industry leader in the Americas while expanding our product manufacturing and sales influence internationally. Most significantly, Key Resin will maintain their management and employee structure ensuring continuity to the customers and the entire Key Resin family.”

Key Resin Company was founded in 1993 and has become a leading producer of high performance resin flooring solutions for commercial, institutional and industrial markets. The company currently employs approximately 50 members of staff and consists of two manufacturing sites in Cincinnati, Ohio, and Phoenix, Arizona, as well as a sales office in Shanghai.

Key Resin Company’s product offering includes epoxy terrazzo, decorative and industrial resinous flooring and coatings as well as moisture mitigation systems, fast curing methyl methacrylate floors and also specialty coatings that deliver benefits such as electrostatic control properties, chemical resistance and thermal shock resistance.

The high quality of Key Resin Company’s products means that it has built up a long list of high profile clients, including Canon, GE Aircraft Engines, General Motors, Procter & Gamble, Eli Lilly, West Point Academy and Pfizer.


Notes to Editors

Euclid Group is a world leading manufacturer of specialty chemical products for the global construction and engineering market.

The predominant operating companies within Euclid Group are Euclid Chemical, Eucomex, Cave, Viapol, Toxement, Key Resin, Flowcrete, Elmico, and RPM Belgium Vandex.

Euclid Group consists of 37 manufacturing facilities in 14 countries, has a sales presence in 55 countries and employs over 2,250 members of staff.

Euclid Group will operate as part of the RPM's Industrial Segment, a subsidiary of RPM International Inc.

Euclid Group
 Euclid Group is a world-leading manufacturer of specialty chemical products for the global construction and engineering market.

Euclid Group is resolute in its pursuit of global expansion through the sustained development of our people, products and services.

Together, we will fulfill our vision to be the world’s leading construction chemicals business.

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