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Euclid Group is a world-leading manufacturer of specialty chemical products for the global construction and engineering industries.

With over 100 years’ experience in the field and manufacturing operations on six continents, Euclid Group has a global reputation for innovation, quality, customer focus and technical support.

A powerful union of the world’s most trusted specialty chemical and coatings brands, Euclid Group ensures that clients wherever they are located, have access to a comprehensive product offering.

Our global product portfolio includes admixtures, adhesives, sealants, protective coatings and waterproofing membranes among many other construction products.

Our products have been designed to improve workability, enhance performance or functionality of a construction material as well as to protect the structure where they are used.

Euclid Group boasts 33 manufacturing plants worldwide operating 70 different processes. The global Group has sales representatives based in 55 countries worldwide, a sales reach spanning more than 75 countries and over 2,130 employees globally.

Global Product Portfolio

Chemical Admixtures

Chemical Admixtures designed to improve the set time, workability, durability and overall performance of concrete.

Fiber Reinforcement

Synthetic fibers that are designed to increase the structural integrity of concrete.

Waterproofing Membranes

Watertight membranes designed to prevent water ingress in structural slabs, walls and roofs.

Concrete Repair

Concrete repair products to rehabilitate damaged, weakened or failing concrete slabs and structures.

Mining & Tunneling Products

Products for underground construction, pre-cast segments, cast-in-place concrete and shotcrete applications.

Specialty Polymer Flooring

A wide range of polymer-based protective floor coating solutions.

Decorative Concrete Systems

Decorative and colorful stamped concrete solutions designed for both indoors and exterior areas.

Deck Membranes & Coatings

Polymer coatings designed to protect multi-story structures from movement and vehicular traffic.

Leveling Compounds & Screeds

Self-leveling, pump and hand-applied screed compounds designed to level uneven concrete slabs.

Curing & Sealing Compounds

Products designed to maximize strength development and minimize plastic shrinkage cracking in concrete.

Grouts & Joint Fillers

Products designed to strengthen engineering joints and provide bearing support for optimal equipment.

Bonding Agents & Adhesives

Polymer bonding agents in low and high modulus variations with multiple viscosities to ensure proper bonding.

We Believe...

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Euclid Group and all employees are professional, ethical and reliable.

Customer Focus

Euclid Group measures performance through the experience of our customers.

Process Excellence

Euclid Group strives for efficiency and simplicity - doing business with us is easy.


Euclid Group engages through investment, service and responsible action.


Euclid Group delivers sustainable growth and an attractive return on investment.

Employer of Choice

Euclid Group attracts the best people, works to keep them and empowers them to do their jobs.

Euclid Group
 Euclid Group is a world-leading manufacturer of specialty chemical products for the global construction and engineering market.

Euclid Group is resolute in its pursuit of global expansion through the sustained development of our people, products and services.

Together, we will fulfill our vision to be the world’s leading construction chemicals business.